Why I am a feminist

Why I am a feminist:

1. Girls are taught in public school that once she has sex she will “lose a part of herself”
2. Because women who have a lot of sex are sluts while guys are studs
3. Because 1 in 4 women is assaulted and society still asks “what was she wearing?”
4. Because male victims of rape aren’t believed since guys want sex all the time anyway, right? Wrong.
5. Because of cat-calling and street harassment because NO it’s not a compliment
6. Because I have been sexually assaulted and when I went to my friends for help, they called me a slut
7. Because boobs are used to sell everything from burgers to soap but don’t you DARE breast feed out in the open
8. Because shaving is considered optional for men and mandatory for women
9. Because of how much pressure we put on girls to value their appearance above everything else
10. Because labiaplasty, boob jobs, hymenplasties
11. Because make orgasm in movies is rated PG-13 while female orgasm is rated R
12. Because in 2013 there were over 700 bills that were imposed to regulate a womans body and 0 for men
13. Because the political body making decisions about my body is over 80% male.
14. Because men occupy the top roles of not only politics but every industry in the world
15. Because women only hold 25% stem jobs, 6% network owners, 5% media executives
16. Because when a female puts her foot down, is assertive, and sticks up for herself she is considered a bitch but when a man does it, he is considered a boss
17. Because media told me that women are my competition
18. Because of gender roles. Plain and simple
19. Because “pussy” is an insult. Because one of the worst insults is to be compared to a woman.
20. Because men are shamed for being emotionally open because that’s “a girl thing”
21. Because womanhood is “weak” HAHA nevermind the fact that it was most likely a woman who pushed your body out of her vagina and bleeds for a week straight every month
22. Because women are expected to do things like laundry, make food, clean the house just because of gender roles.
23. Because when a women stands up for herself or makes a difference in society, there is always a “get back in the kitchen” comment made
24. Because people still say that bisexual, transexual, and asexual people don’t exist
25. Because same sex marriage is a no brainer yet is still illegal in many states
26. Because in 34 states it’s legal to discriminate against a transgender
27. Because representation matters, only 5% of mainstream films in 2014 starred a woman of color, and only 4 mainstream films in 2012 starred an LGBT character
28. Because I believe that the world should be safe for girls everywhere
29. Because half the girls in Yemen will become child brides
30. Because 65% of brazilians believe that a women who dresses in revealing clothes deserves to be raped
31. Because in Saudi Arabia, women still can’t vote or drive
32. Because everyday in every corner of the world women’s bodies are used as a battleground in wars started by men
33. Because when I dare to get pissed off at injustice I’m just another angry feminist who’s on her period
34. Because of the reality that there are people who would take these words more seriously if they were said by a man
35. Because feminists are labeled as man-haters
36. Because the hashtag #feministsareugly trended on twitter
37. Because in public schools, girls dress code is far more inclusive and strict than boys
38. Because a man’s nipple is considered “ok” and “normal” in society but a female nipple is categorized as nudity
39. Because there was a girl who wore a semi-transparent shirt in a fast food restaraunte and was physcially assaulted for it. And because SHE was the one who got charged by police for provoking the assaulter
40. Because I believe in gender EQUALITY not superiority


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